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About Us

The QuIET Network (Quality in Education and Training Network) was established in 1994. The Network incorporates both public and private RTOs with a focus on:

Assistance in the continuous improvement and best practice

Provide a means by which members are able to further develop their knowledge of quality concepts and practices in regard to all matters relating to Quality in Vocational and Further Education

Reflect the views of its members, and provide advice and assistance on Quality practice, to the national regulator and state authorizes

To facilitate liaison between Quality related peak bodies and Vocational and Further Education Quality practitioners

Since its establishment, the Network has provided a consistent and effective vehicle for staff working in the area of quality to gain support and share their experiences as well as providing a critical forum for members to hear from experts in quality to increase their knowledge and skills. The network has approximately 70 members (a combination of individual and corporate memberships) with representatives from TAFE Institutes, Dual Sector Universities and private registered providers.

In addition to this, the Network has operated effectively as a means for such organisations as the Higher Education and Skills Group (part of DET), ASQA -Australian Skills Quality Authority and the Victorian Registration & Qualifications Authority (VRQA), and their predecessors, to meet with quality representatives of member organisations to seek information and also to implement initiatives throughout the training system.

The Network has made a significant contribution to the efficient and effective take-up of quality in training organisations.

The ever-changing landscape of VET regulation and the impact of the external environment will have a major effect of the way RTOs will need to structure or operate in the future. The Quiet Network will assist and work through the coming changes with members.

QuIET Network Memberships


Access to networking and exclusive special events with other QuIET Network members


Free professional development activities for you to expand your and grow your knowledge


Access to the the QuIET Network’s membership area with user forums, supporting documents, meeting agenda’s and minutes.


Voting rights at general and annual meetings and eligibility to stand for election to an office of the network

Meet Our Board Members

Robert Broggian


Acting Manager Education Quality and Compliance

William Angliss Institute of TAFE

Years in the VET sector industry – 15 Years


Hospitality Industry professional who holds graduate qualifications in Hospitality and post graduate qualifications in Vocational Education and Training. Experiences in VET range from trainer/assessor, Course Co-ordinator and Academic Director at private RTOs culminating in current role in TAFE.

Sandip Rattan


Acting Manager, Educational Quality

Melbourne Polytechnic

Years in the VET sector industry – 26 Years

Dr Marie M Little


Education Quality Auditor & Compliance Officer | Academic Governance

TAFE Gippsland

Years in the VET sector industry – 24 Years

Corinna Hunter


VET Compliance Coordinator

The Gordon Institute of TAFE

Years in the VET sector industry – 5 years

Sylvia Kunig


Quality Partner, Quality and Compliance

Victoria University Polytechnic

Years in the VET sector industry – 20 Years

Carina Woolcomb

General Committee Member

Quality Consultant VE

Swinburne University of Technology

Years in the VET sector industry – 21 Years

Cindy Doyle

General Committee Member

Quality and Compliance Advisor

The Gordon Institute of TAFE

Years in the VET sector industry – 14 years

Janene O’Connor

General Committee Member

Manager, Academic Governance

South West TAFE

Years in the VET sector industry – 34 Years

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